Additional Resources

 **Please note that these resources are intended for quick reference in non-emergency situations. No one resource is intended to be used alone without further research.

Map for Naloxone Kit Distribution:

Ontario Harm Reduction Network (illustrated safer use guide/techniques with PDF download):

Ontario Harm Reduction Network -Resource-finding tool:
Resources Archive - Ontario Harm Reduction Network (OHRN)

Street Cats YYC- Calgary Outreach & Harm Reduction Education

Dance Safe (nonprofit org. located in Northern California but ships to Canada) - only non-profit distributor of fentanyl test strips, reagent testing kits, safer use tools, other substance testing kits:

Trip Sit Chart (quick reference chart showing effects of drug combinations):
Application (same info as chart, just different format):
Main Page containing other Harm Redux info:

Canadian Observatory on Homelessness (self-paced free training on harm reduction and substance use for service providers in the homelessness sector):

Find Your Councillor in Edmonton:

Alberta Website- Ministry of Health: