Thank Yous

Creative Director, Author, Illustrator - Penance Art (she/they)
Instagram: @penance_art

     Penance Art is an emerging illustrator in Edmonton, Alberta as well as a psychology undergraduate student currently attending her fourth year at Macewan University. She has volunteered with organizations that provide harm reduction services at recreational events, and hopes to continue the work of raising awareness of the benefits of harm reduction and normalizing pragmatic treatment options for individuals with substance use disorders. Imagery can be a wonderful vehicle for information, which was the driving intent behind this specific presentation.

Illustrator - Mike Hooves (they/them)
Instagram: @mikehooves

     Mike Hooves is a prairie artist working in illustration, animation, and film in Calgary, Alberta. Graduating from AUArt’s Illustration stream in 2016, Mike has become a fixture in the queer community through their illustrative work with various startups and non-profits. Mike uses shape language, saturated colour, and gestural linework to create playful and engaging imagery that acknowledges queer aesthetic and signifiers.

Researcher – Avery Buchner (he/him)

     Avery has a BSc Honors Neuroscience and is a first year student in the MD program at the University of Alberta. He believes that harm reduction IS healthcare and that the needs of community should guide all medical and legislative policy regarding substance use. He is honoured to have completed a literature review for this zine and will continue educating others that the research is there: harm reduction works!

Web Developer - Hazel Thayer (she/her)

Project Sponsor - Alberta Public Interest Research Group